PIctures on SD (upload military pictures (chinese, others, etc.))

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The China section of DefenceTalk's gallery has grown with a lot of pictures, thanks to Armage (Gallery mod for china section on DT).

You can upload the pictures since it has all the categories right down to almost every piece of equipment that Chinese Military has so then link use the auto generated BBCODE image url [/img ] tags (under the pic - copy and paste into your posts/replies/threads) to link on this forum or any other (other forums may need to be approved before you can link ANY picture but this forum is approved).

Remember, there is no upload limit, space limit so feel free to upload if you need to and link back as well as help DT gallery grow. ;)

Also, why upload in a "[I]bucket[/I]" or in a "[I]shack[/I]" when better solution is available? It is the largest categorized military photo gallery on the internet so use it.

Enjoy! :china:

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Download the photo you wish to post to your computer. Use a photo hosting site to upload it. Use that URL to host your photo. Simple. Be sure to use the URL wrapped with

Do not hotlink your photos!
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We have organized SD to account for almost any eventuality:

We are noticing more and more single pictures being posted wthout articles or any comments (meaning relavent comments regarding the equipment) in the various threads we have for various types of equipment.

This is clogging up those threads with pure pictures.

Do not get us wrong, we like good pictures, but we have a plce for pictures alone.

News, articles, pictures with comments ,or articles with pics go:

To the Respective Equipment Page on SD in the various forums.

Photos alone, videos alone go:

To the Respective Military Picture Thread for the respective service.

We have separate picture threads in the Military Picture forum for:


PLEASE, post individual or groups of pictures with no comments to those threads.

Pictures alone, in any case are not meant for the breaking news threads in any of the forums, unless there is a breaking news article to go along with it.

I am going to start deleting individual pictures that are posted in the wrong thread without an associated article or relevant comments in the various equipment and breaking news threads starting Monday, August 3rd, 2015.
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