Pics of T-96 w/ Reactive armor


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on may 4,a T-72 MBT (Southern Sudan)was destoryed by a Chinese T-96 of northern sudan‘army in sudan’s civil war,this message come from Chinese sina‘s microblog,maybe this is T-96’s first kill in war

Take notice: The very first news source of this event, coming from south korean newspaper, claiming "I heard that..." kind of news source, no validation whatsoever. (And being, I might say, purposely, wide spread by Chinese microbloggers)

The "no validation" part I meant there is no validation whether it was truly the Type 96 did the job, obviously we all saw the wreckage of an export version of T-72, no need to validate that part.
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What is this "arena" you are talking about?

And BTW, if till now, 2011, you guys still can not differenciate 96 and 99...

Then what possibly fruitful stuff can you say, in the "Army" block of SDF?
For those who can't differentiate 96 and 99... the most distinguish part of the two beasts is that the driver's hatch of the 99 is in the middle while 96's is on the left.