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Saudi definitely on their way to create the best navy in the Middle East.

The Saudis previously have contract with Lockheed Martin who will supply four MMSC class ships, which are Freedom class LCS with steroids plus real teeth. For them to go with HHI instead of LM for more frigate class ships suggest to me the Saudis are quietly walking away from the US, or at least its dependence from the US defense industry.

Now we have this.

This is significant because the Saudis are now contracting to the Chinese, the defense of their valuable oil fields. These lasers are likely aimed against drones and UAVs which can be deployed by the Houthis or Iranians.


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More information on Silent Hunter.

- The Chinese “laser” Silenthunter system of the Saudi air defense , where the Saudi air defense is the first air defense in the world to use “operationally and in real conditions” the laser in air defense to shoot down targets.

I am not sure whether the follow up order is even for Silent Hunter. There was a laser SHORAD displayed by Poly at the defense fair that received little to no attention.


They didn’t even showcase Silent Hunter this time.

Khalij e Fars

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Multiple successful ballistic / cruise missile and UAV precision-strikes against targets in invading-Saudi Arabia by the Yemeni Army

Result of successful impact on Aramco facility in Jeddah:

Yemen Houthis attack Saudi energy facilities, refinery output hit [Saudi regime admits damage]​

RIYADH, March 20 (Reuters) - Yemen's Houthi [Ansarallah] group fired missiles and drones at Saudi energy and water desalination facilities, causing a temporary drop in output at a refinery but no casualties, the [invading] Saudi energy ministry and state media said on Sunday.

Drone strikes hit a petroleum products distribution terminal in the southern Jizan region, a natural gas plant and the Yasref refinery in the Red Sea port of Yanbu, the ministry said in a statement.

"The assault on Yasref facilities has led to a temporary reduction in the refinery's production, which will be compensated for from the inventory," it said, referring to Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec).

Later on Sunday, another Aramco distribution plant was attacked in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, leading to a fire in one of the tanks, according to the Saudi-led coalition. The fire was controlled and did not result in any casualties, it said.
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Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said the group had fired ballistic and winged missiles as well as drones at Aramco facilities in the capital Riyadh, Yanbu and "other areas," followed by attacks on "vital targets" in other Saudi regions.

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Khalij e Fars

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Yemeni Armed Forces strike Amarco targets in Saudi Arabia during F1 Grand Prix

A huge plume of smoke could be seen above an oil facility in the Saudi city of Jeddah on Friday, according to multiple media reports, with Yemen’s Houthi group claiming they had attacked a Saudi Aramco site with missiles.

The Associated Press cited videos of a raging fire at an oil depot, saying the location of the blaze was near the North Jeddah Bulk Plant — which is southeast of the city’s international airport. Meanwhile, a Reuters source said a Saudi Aramco facility had been hit. A Formula One auto race is due to take place in Jeddah this weekend.

The Iran-backed Houthis claimed they were behind the strike with a military spokesperson adding that they had also used drones to hit the Ras Tanura and Rabigh refineries, according to Reuters. The additional strikes could not be confirmed.

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Where is the American air defense? Multiple recent successes by the Yemeni Army in the heart of Saudi Arabia (the world's largest importer of weapons), with incredible precision.