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Soleimani travelled on a civilian airliner and was always someone who would visit frontlines of battle with zero protection. He is not like American generals who hide ...
oh different cultures for sure, as in, quote,

The Hezbollah chief said he felt that the US was planning to assassinate Soleimani. According to Nasrallah, Soleimani smiled and said “I hope so.”

end of quote:
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The most obvious consequence. Interesting part is why give an out given the sour mood the populace is in.

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He added that there are two options available regarding the withdrawal of US-led coalition troops. The first would see their immediate and complete withdrawal, the second would order foreign military personnel to leave gradually.


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Otherwise I'll close and clean that thread.


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Iran general inquired if possible to bring in 052D production to iran, Also wants submarine production line. wo... I don't think iran has infrastructure to make it happen,
yeah, export to iran doable.


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Doesn’t matter if all they fired was a 5 pound cannon left over from Nepoleon’s expedition to Egypt. They attacked a military facility hurt and killed personnel. That demanded a response. You don’t expect trained military personnel to sit back and take that?

they broke through the grounds on to an American embassy and damaged the grounds an event that could have been far worse. See Benghazi or the Iranian hostage event or the Iranian Embassy in London on how.
oh please. If every time someone threw a Molotov cocktail at a US embassy, and US responded by killing the country’s leader. US would have killed lots of world leaders