Peak Oil, Resource Depletion, deminishing EROEI and the long term implications for the continued development of China...


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Moore's Law is still relevant. The transistor density keeps increasing.


The rate of growth isn't constant. It was higher a couple decades back but the rate wasn't always that fast either. Just look at the chart.
The rate of density growth in the 1970s and 1980s was roughly similar to the past decade. It is 1992-2005 which was an aberration.
The transistors are more leaky, sure, but you still have more of them. Clockspeeds aren't increasing at the same rate.
But there are new parallel programming and hardware paradigms which make it easier to accelerate applications.

One example is GPGPU hardware architectures.

It still takes more programming effort to write such applications but it isn't impossible.


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Actually, the Easter Island story is a lot more complicated than you present it to be:

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The actual culprit of collapse may have been an unchecked population of rats rather than deforestation.

As for Moore's Law, that only applies to CPU speed. Computation technology, as a whole, is still advancing at a rapid pace. AI, not computation speed, is now the new frontier.

Finally, stop bringing up your fusion straw man. We don't need fusion to move away from fossil fuel.



The thing with life is that a healthy ecosystem is an engine in and of itself. In the above video, we can see China expending massive amounts of labor and energy to reforest the land.

One might be tempted to assume that this kind of activity means some kind of "fossil fuel" subsidy, but that would ignore the fact that once established, the ecosystem would become self-sustaining. Energy in this instance is not a "subsidy" but an investment.

Science and technology is always advancing. We are already finding better ways of producing did than the traditional energy intensive and highly polluting industrial farming methods. New methods are being developed every day to conserve energy, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

Take for example this extremely innovative method of treating waste from chicken farms. Normally all that chicken manure would just become pollution, but now it is turned into natural fertilizer and fish food: