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Now we posted forum rules to every forum so that none could say that they haven't read them. But I've noticed that the rules wont help you in all matters. Rules gives you good overall idea of what to post and what not, but I think little clarification is in place.

So pay attention to these following issues:

This is a miltary forum for serious and hopefully for professional discussion. So before you make a new thread think bit harder is the thread going to fulfill the standards of this forum. So avoid making these following type of threads:

1. Simple questions like "how many Type 98/99 is in PLA service?". We have dedicated military FAQ thread in the world armed forces forum, where all these questions should be made, even the most noob and silly ones.

2. Don't make threads which opens for only one line or sentence. Try to give proper base and start for your thread.

3. Don't make silly and childish "which is the best sword of 900-1400 era?" kind of listing threads. Those wont serve us anyways and just gives immature image of our forum.

4. Don't make neccecerical comparison threads like "J-10 vs. F-16". IF you want to make comparison threads, give first proper introduction and provide good information to all the participating systems.

5. Search the forum first before making a new thread. We have been online for quite while so the most obvious subjects like J-10, FC-1, Type 98, new DDGs, Varyag and so on have already covered in existing threads. If you have something new to say, do it in the existing threads. There's an exeption if the existing threads are older than two months. Then you can start a new thread on the subject.

6. Don't open new image threads. There are existing threads about PLA, PLAAF, PLAN, and world armed forces in associated forums. You can however poswt pictures to support your thread if it requires to do so.

Also try to avoid all provocative subjects and read the announcement, all temporary banned subjects are listed in there. Also instructions about image postings are found from there.

Remember these guidelines and enjoy posting in here. If you have problems or something is still unclear to you, contact me or other mods and administrative persons.

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