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Hey all, also a former lurker that decided to join. I was born in Nanning but grew up mostly in Canada after my parents brought us over in the 1990s. Interested in learning about my homeland as well as sharing my experiences (I still have CPC relatives on the mainland so I know enough to discard much of the anti-China propaganda these days, but I've also been involved in the investment world since my teenage years, so I'm aware of various behind the scenes events that don't make it to headline news). Hope to get along with everyone!
Delicious username :)


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Hi everyone, Thomas Shaw here. Real native Chinese who live in Beijing.
Been to Canada and USA for travelling when I was in high school and college, since then the world I imagined has collapsed. I once thought USA was all that powerful and rich and people were friendly, but witnessing those homeless in Seattle and LA really hit me.
I used to search for western narrative just for the complement of Chinese events, but now I'm so fed up with it. Their hostility, prejudice and ignorance will eventually ruin them, as far as I concern.
Never thought I would find an English forum that is friendly or at least neutral to China, and here it is an amazing place. Still, I need those angles from outside my country, and I like to observe most of the time, but I will also share some of my perspectives from the inside. Hopefully we can have a good time here!


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a German engineering student and fellow sinophile.

Been pretty oblivious of past geopolitical events till 2019, when the HK riots started. Since then became pretty baffled by EU's lack off far sightedness and open racism.

I hope to learn from fellow sinophiles and also to contribute to this knowledgeable community.