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bd popeye

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Hi, I'm a quote. My font size is too small! I feel my full potential can only be realized with a larger font. And also, you know, for the ladies.
I agree 100%..Glad you fixed that!..Those tiny letters were hard for some of us to see!

bd popeye

The Last Jedi
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Ever since SDF was off line for a few days the pages are loading ,for me, very slowly. Very slowly. I have a very fast cable modem. But now when I come to this page it is so very, very slow!

Also I keep getting error messages when I come to this site.. You know the type.."This page is forbidden"..."Internet Explored cannot find this page".. etc etc..Not to mention the fact that since the update my page is way off center. I cannot see about 1/2 inch of the right side of the page no matter what I do...:confused::(:mad:

It's all very frustrating..:(


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Everything should be back to normal right about now or by tonight. We've fixed the last of remaining issues. :(

Keep checking, testing and let me know.