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I've noticed the removal of the aircraft carrier page on due to a lack of information about the PLAN's intentions on building one. But there is nothing wrong with a page of speculations and potantial programs and designs based on reports that have rolled in during the past decade. The progress the PLAN has made in carrier development needs to be told.

Here's a great source:
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Check out the links and references too


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Hi, I moved your post here for obvious reason.

I agree with your view. I think I will put the page back online in the near future with more information and photo on the Varyag project. I am now pretty convinced that the PLAN will eventually commission it.

Also, my username is Dongfeng now ;) . I tried to register this username at old ezboard forum but it was already registered by someone on other forums :mad: . That's why I had to user a long name SinoDefence Dongfeng