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My primary concerns about ISS being extended are ...

1. It is a money soak. It eats a nontrivial amount of the NASA budget. This could be spent on Artemis, 'Ares' and/or more unmanned probes/space telescopes instead.

2. As far as actual concerns about the physical infrastructure of ISS, I am more concerned about the seals leaking between modules than I am about the Russian segment. The seals were only intended to last to 2024. The new Axiom modules could bring a lot of the missing pieces (life support, frex) if the Russian segment is going to start getting 'sick.' The Axiom modules are intended to be floated off at the ISS EOL to become its own space station. I would assume they have a plan for life support and power.


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It’s not if and going. It’s already happening. The two segments I pointed to are the oldest of the station and the two that have already been noted for cracks. They are among the oldest modules and most likely to fail.


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The Ukrainian Satellite Flight Control Center

Information panel of the Ukrainian Control Center with the trajectory "Sich-2-1". Red indicates the area where you can contact and control the satellite

In particular, the capabilities of the Control Center of the recently launched spacecraft Sich-2-1 (Sich-2-30) were demonstrated.

"Communication with our satellite has been established. It works according to the program contained therein and we hope that we will pass the flight design tests as well as the ground tests and we will be able to put this satellite into operation for our Ukraine. ." - he observed.

Control center room

Journalists also told how they will operate the spacecraft from the territory of the National Space Test and Management Center.

Information panel of the main information hall of the Center for reception and processing of special information and navigation field control (Khmelnytsky region, Dunaivtsi)

Thus, it is possible to receive data from satellites in Dunaivtsi with the help of two powerful antennas - the 12-meter main satellite antenna (with a data acquisition speed of up to 500 megabits per second) and the backup station with an antenna with a diameter of 5 meters).

Antennas for receiving satellite data from the Control Center in Dunaivtsi

In the building next door is a telescope, with which the Center's staff can monitor spacecraft in orbit.

satellite observation telescope

Another building (actually a ground control station for spacecraft) has several satellite dishes that control the Ukrainian satellite.

It should also be added that last month (December 2021) the relevant parliamentary committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Economic Development finally considered the Draft Law (Space Program of Ukraine for 2021-2025) № 6129 and gave a positive opinion. It should be put to a vote by the deputies soon.

Rendering of KB's high-resolution Ukrainian Earth remote sensing satellite "Southern"

It is recalled that the Space Program project, in particular, foresees the launch into orbit (until 2025) of eight satellites for remote sensing of the Earth, which in the Ukrainian reality is a very ambitious plan. So far, in all the years of independence, Ukraine has created and launched into orbit (excluding "Sich-2-1") only eight satellites, two of which are very symbolic microsatellites.


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I have been highly interested in the H3 rocket launch for several years. The engine has promise for a reusable SSTO aircraft design if Japan ever chooses to develop one.