Modern jets no wing fence


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I think it's because it is inefficient in modern designs. It adds drag and RCS. I think modern day jets use a notch in the leading edge to achieve similar result.

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Almost obvious, but yea...why?
Because our understanding of aerodynamics improved significantly from the 1940's and 50's when fences were an aerodynamic band-aide for boundary layer issues. With today's 3-D aero modeling and wind tunnels much of the old nastiness of swept wings went away or are controlled by FBW (for the aircraft which still use pure swept wings). The fighter world moved quickly away from pure swept wings and use planforms that confer the benefit of sweep without the drawbacks. FBW controls combined with high authority/high speed control surfaces takes care of a lot also.



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The forum listed above, show some pretty nice explanation on why modern jets didn't have wing fence. I am not too good with aerodynamic and so couldn't spot any problems thus far. Those who have more knowledge in this can chip in to see if those spoken in that forum are loads of BS or not ;)