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Well... it's definitely non-negotiable since he doesn't have a military that would be required to compel the Brits to negotiate anything with him. What's his plan? To suck America's dick so hard its arm goes into spasms and pimp-slaps the UK into giving them back?

I'm suprised that his opposition didn't lay down the obvious that this clown is cozying up to the largest enabler of the UK, which holds the Falkland Islands and their only chance, the only remote possibility of Argentina getting them back is to transform into a competent economic force riding a China-led global bloc, which would allow them to slowly and firmly, throughout several decades, build up a military that can surpass that of the UK.


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Balaji's take on China is re****ed, from what I read he is also a huge bull on India. So basically same opinon as the rest of the west, not worth listening to.
The guy doesn't know what the term "only Nixon can go to China" means. It has nothing to do with who's more pro-China or who can negotiate with China. It's the opposite. The reason why only Nixon could go to China was because his reputation was being a big anti-communist hawk. If he went to China, no one could question his loyalty to the US. Biden, for example, can't claim that because the the Republicans already accuse him because of his son's troubles as being paid by China. The Republicans will always accuse him of being an agent of China. Gavin Newsom is a Democrat and the Republicans portray all Democrats as looking out for others before mainstream whites. Look at the propaganda by Republicans on the APEC summit where they pointed out how the homeless and streets were cleaned out for Xi. Liberal San Francisco doesn't do that for the citizens of San Francisco but they'll do it for Xi? And that was Gavin Newsome's order to clean up of San Francisco. That alone tells you Newsome can't be the only one that can go to China. His whole trip to China recently was bashed by Republicans.

The only person that comes closest to fit the bill of "only Nixon can go to China" is Donald Trump. The opposition can claim he's in bed with China too but they don't have the reputation of patriotism themselves. The Democrats on foreign policy follow what Republicans want and they have the reputation of caring about everyone else before America. Look at how many laws Donald Trump is breaking and his followers don't care.


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Of the first gen immigrants I meet, it's clear Indians fit in in the west much better than Chinese. There is a much better language and culture fit. We have got to give respect where it's due. Indians are very successful in the US in the areas of IT, management, and politics (although Chinese are doing fine in science).
I also find Zakria pretty insightful in this interview. I don't always agree with him on a lot of issues. But I appreciated his analysis on Modi's popularity and the country's general sense of optimism for the future. These are important for the continued ascent.
The truth is there is no reason some countries can't put their shit together and get things right. And one can certainly screw up even with a perfect hand of cards. We all need a strong sense of humility and diligence to succeed. I am never concerned when a competitor is full of people with nothing but bellicose. But when some of their people cool down and start thinking more deliberately and strategically, I take notice. Because in the end the winner is going to be the country that manages to produce 1% more people with cooler heads.

That’s like saying a “house negro” slave fits in better on a Southern style plantation than a negro who actively works with the Underground Railway. It’s not language, it’s mentality, Indians are a culture bred for enslavement, we’re talking Millenia of indo European steppe driven caste structure perfecting and breeding the perfect vassal: small, weak minded, numerous, too cowardly to organise serious resistance, excessive religiosity which makes them easy to rule and control to the point that the timurids And later the British could just roll in and appoint sepoy slaves to control other sepoy slaves.

Indians only do well in the west because the white elites are too afraid of Asians outcompeting them, so they resort to favouring Indians and African Americans who they can easily control.
I also have to point out this exact same reality.

Go to defence.pk (holy toxicity btw LOL!) and tons of Muslims, Arabs, and other Middle-Easterners complain bitterly about how "China does nothing again as usual".

I'm willing to forgive and overlook minor and inconsequential expressions of frustration given their situation. I know that I would be seriously fucking livid if I were a Muslim, an Arab, or a Middle-Easterner, and I don't presume to understand what it's like to be in their shoes. Remember that they are, more-or-less and for lack of a better description, still stuck in the middle of their version of the notorious "Century(ies) of Humiliation". So imagine how tough life was like for one of our ancestors who lived in the late 1800s/early 1900s...for some of us that could be as easy to imagine as our grandparents or even parents for some of our more senior members. However, none of us here have actual firsthand experience in such tragic and trying circumstances.

For many people in the Muslim world this is very much a day-to-day and minute-to-minute reality and has been for an extremely long time. So fine, they're not happy that we're not aggressively posturing or intimidating Israel. Whom are genociders and quite frankly worse than even the Nazis in all but sheer numbers of victims I suppose (I don't know exactly how many have been killed by Israel since 1948 though). Or that we go to direct and open war with Israel/The West.

Anger and other emotions tends to make people say and do irrational things that they don't mean and that they later regret. So whatever. Besides they cannot force China to do anything China doesn't want to do. So it's really no harm done if someone merely expresses some dissatisfication.

Yet, I cannot help but notice that in all their bitter complaints they have never offered to be volunteers and the first wave so-to-speak of volunteers to initiate open hostilities with Israel. Whatever vector of attack or method of resistance they choose is beside the point.

They are angry that China does not take the lead in initiating open hostilities with Israel which could easily snowball into a WW3 scenario since we all know by now that apparently all Western governments and elites really are just controlled by Zionists, but they never thought to themselves "Well gee these East Asian Chinese who are non-religious or at least non-muslim for the overwhelming majority of their country probably shouldn't be the ones to be leading a war or an aggression pact against these Zionists who massacre our Mulsim brothers and sisters...maybe the fact that we are asking non-muslims and non-middle-easterners to potentially wage war on our behalf...a war that won't benefit them at all even in the best case scenario should be cause for us to look in the mirror ourselves and see the flaws within our own countries."

If they cannot get their act together and organized enough to lead resistance against anti-muslim genocides then how they expect others to do so is just mind-boggling.

And I say this as someone who is, quite honestly, not a fan of Israel at all.

It does not benefit China to get involved. It can only hurt China.

Also, there is a startling and alarming number of Muslims in many of those countries who are absolutely not friends with the West who still believe in the Western propaganda bullshit of the uiGHUr GENOCIDEEEEEE. Still. Stillllll. Seriously fucking still after all this time there's an easily noticeable and quite significant amount of them who still buy this bullshit, and many of them who believe in that utter lie are the same ones who openly declare their hyper-intelligence levels and how they're too smart to fall for the western propaganda and how they know that Western countries lie.

The lack of self-awareness is astounding, as always.

Just one last thing here.

My personal predictions based mostly on just instinct (call it a "hunch" if you really want to) is that the Palestinians will likely end up similar to the Commanches and native Americans/Indigenous of Murica. Meaning that their genocide will likely be successful in the long run. Very, very, veryyyyy few will survive to the end of this century, and those that do will have lost their languages, their cultures, their heritages, their identities, etc. until they are completely assimilated into their new host nation.

That being said I personally believe that the next chapter of this story will be that when Israel celebrates its 100th birthday it will be a very uncomfortable and tension-filled celebration because it will be readily apparent by then (2048) that the West is in terminal decline. Big Daddy USA will not be able to protect them much longer if at all, and their neighbors will be slowly but surely on the rise. Soon those neighbors will be strong enough to take revenge and eventually Israel will realize that they can't actually use the nukes they have because once they do that will mean a permanent ending and also a permanent justification for the end of time to persecute the Jewish faith. At the same time they will realize that there is a reason why their ancestors have always run when eventually backed into a corner...b/c you can at least survive and thrive elsewhere.

Long before any open war breaks out Israel's neighbors can simply use economic, financial, industrial, and other forms of aggression to just slowly degrade the quality of life and the internal harmony and prosperity of Israel that most of them will just immigrate to other countries.

This is a tragic and sad situation all around, but let this be a lesson learned for everyone else who is watching and not directly involved...learn how to get the fuck along with people for fuck's sake! Because ultimately, that's what it all really boils down to. Regardless of who started it or who bears more responsbility or more weight of atrocities...all of this could've been avoided if both sides had realized in the beginning that it behooves both of them to get along and become friends. Otherwise, there will be multiple generations of war, atrocities, genocide, war, violence, death, conflict, sadness, tears, grief, misery, and innocence lost when both sides could've realized in the beginning that neither one of them had the power to truly force the other out.

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“Not gold, but iron redeems the native land”
You look at those nations who did not fight for their independence but rather were granted their independence by their former colonisers eg India and you have to ask yourself if these nations ever truly were independen.


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How could China actually get its loans paid by an anti-China government??

I'm genuinely curious what the game plan is with getting all these loans paid back...China's already had to forgive at least two dozen of its African loans so far -- loans that were low or even no-interest to begin with! And still I personally know two Africans who think China's bullying Taiwan and practicing predatory lending and neo-colonialism....
Nobody can get away debt by declaring bankrupcy unless he is dead, at that time whatever is left is used to pay debt first. To enforce that obligation is force (state vilence such as police).

Only cooperate limited. can get away with debt by bankrupcy because its obligation is limited to the registered assets.

A country is a person not a cooperate limited. So long as the land and people is there, they can never get away without the obligation being enforced by all means including vilence, that is what army is for. A country can only get away with it if its own army is stronger than the debtor for the time being and hoping the debtor gives up eventually or never grow stronger enough.

Usually country will not go to extreme to collect debts considering the war may cost more than what can be collected. Instead, country choose to "forgive" debt, and then get money back from future and new debt. So long as the country lives in the world community, it can not isolate itself. So one way or the other, it pays. Good example is that no matter what pinheads say, USA dare not to renegate its debt, because if they do it today, nobody would lend a cent to them tomorrow. Without newly borrowed money the government will immediately cease to do anything for Americans. There is no need for Foreign countries to force US to pay, Americans will burn the country down.

You must be well aware of the Chinese phrase "出来混,总是要还的", "live in the jungle, one will pay eventually". A mafia boss knows it, the USA knows it, how could anyone else makes any difference?


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By the way, if you don't mind, could you please elaborate further more on this?

Regarding Beijing, I do recall about the underground tunnel and bunker networks beneath the city that were built during the 1960s and 1970s, i.e. during the height of Sino-Soviet confrontation. The Mao administration was actively preparing the city for potential nuclear attacks and invasion by the Soviet Union (which thankfully never materialize). Many of those original bunker and tunnels have long been turned over for civilian use.

However, seeing you suggesting that various other Chinese cities across China are also preparing for doomsday (especially in recent years instead of being part of the Third Front Project) is pretty surprising, ngl.

Anyone else here who knows more about this, feel free to chip in as well!
I went back in September and staying mostly in Nanjing. One of the (newish) shopping center I went to in downtown I noticed had an underground parking lot like that. The walls and pillars are built from very robust looking reinforced concrete and the whole parking lot is divided into many smaller subsections each separated from each other with bank vault thick blast doors. Floors had hazard lines directing foot traffic independents of regular normal use parking instructions.

I remarked about this to my wife and her friend (a local) and she said yes it's quite common everywhere in Nanjing.


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Two days out from an election, Dutch right-wing leader Thierry Baudet has been
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after a violent attack.

This follows a pattern of leftist attacks and assassination attempts on populist leaders and activists this year:

Antifa activist
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car into anti-immigration protestors in East Wall 2/23

AfD co-leader Alice Weidel
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after German intelligence warns of impending assassination attempt 09/23

AfD co-leader Tino Chrupalla
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after an attack 10/23

Dutch Forum for Democracy leader Thierry Baudet
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with an umbrella 10/23

Founder of Vox party
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at point blank range 11/23

Thierry Baudet
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by man wielding glass bottle 11/23

We keep being told of the threat of "far-right" extremism, but the streets of Europe have become unsafe for right-wing activists due to leftist violence.

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Socialist nationalism is on the rise in Germany

️ The BSW will appeal to voters who have abandoned mainstream politics in favour of the far-Right populist Alternative for Germany (AFD).

️ Her argument is simple: “Germans don’t vote for the AFD because they’re Right-wing. They vote for [it] because they’re angry.”

️ Like many former communists, Ms Wagenknecht, 54, is a social conservative and an anti-globalist. She is against mass immigration and multiculturalism; she refused to be vaccinated during the pandemic; she is hostile to costly green policies; and she is fiercely anti-woke.

️ Perhaps the most problematic aspects of Ms Wagenknecht’s brand of “Left conservatism” are her implacable opposition to Nato and her passionate support for Putin’s Russia.

️ The Wagenknecht phenomenon is already putting pressure on Berlin. Germany is one of several EU members now exploring Rwanda-style policies to deal with asylum-seekers off-shore.

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