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The Su-30MKK2 page:

On the Su-30MKK2 section, on the first line of the 2nd paragraph talking about the flying of two prototypes, it said Su-20MK2 instead, this is minor, but correcting it should take more than 10 sec

The testing of two prototypes of the Su-20MK2 began around early 2002. Compared to the MKK version in service with the PLAAF, the Su-30MK2 features an improved precision-attack capability and an entirely new C4ISTAR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) role not previously hinted at. The aircraft’s new N001VEP fire-control radar is specifically modified to launch the Kh-31 (NATO codename: Kh-17A Krypton-A) long-range supersonic anti-ship missile


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to be quite frank, I don't even know what it should be called. Some source call it MK2 as a derivation of the Su-30MK, others call it MKK2 as it is the second model sold to China (MKK). Any suggestions?

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thats not what i meant, I mean the Su-20 part is wrong, i meant it should be Su-30MK2 instead Su-20MK2


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Under PLA section, Paramilitary, Reserve Forces, in the second paragraph on the page, there's a sentence that says: "...Through theoretically still important in the Chinese military system..." It should be though not through