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The F-15 has a tail hook that serves two purposes, assisting in emergency landing situations and to secure the aircraft during maintenance engine testing. The tail hook is held in place by a safety pin. When a pilot deploys the hook a pneumatic system disengages the pin and thrusts the hook down, keeping the hook approximately eight inches from the ground to catch the raise arresting cable. Unlike an aircraft carrier arresting cable, a ground runway arresting system slows an aircraft, pulling in to a stop, over a much longer range, rather that instantly yanking the aircraft to a stop.


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Looks like a weak attempt of PS of a tailhook by some fanboi.. Aircraft with tailhooks don't deploy it the tailhook until they are ready to land.
For aerial displays, they might lower tailhooks for the audience.

I remember seeing an RAAF F-18 lowering and then retracting its tailhook, along with landing gear, during an airshow demonstration a few years back.


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Very true.. but do the JSDF F-15s have a tailhook? I really do not know.
Yes, it's either they use an emergency arresting cable, or design their airfields to have very large overrun areas. Many other Air Force tactical fighters are also equipped with tail hooks; the F-16 has one, and so does the F-104, F-105, F-111, F-117, and F-22.


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Chinese WIGs crafts

Hello, have anybody here photos of these WIGs please?

CSSRC Type 902
CSSRC Type 961


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