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Hi Steelbird,

Thank you for posting the Cambodian wedding photos! Are you Chinese-Cambodian? Was the wedding conducted in Cambodia?
Yep, I'm a Cambodian Chinese and my wedding is in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Actually, I'm mixed-blood. Very few Chinese living here can still be pure Chinese. The wedding is half Cambodian style and half Chinese style. Actually, every Chinese tradition here differ from those in China. ;)


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Here is my city's Skyline! It's just a suburb of my 3.900 inhabitant metropole.
That Church is only the Catholic one, our big one is the Lutheranic but since it's beautifull tower got bombed away in the war we now only have the same random church tower as every german town has.


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A couple recent pictures of me in my new San Diego Chargers jacket..

And one more!

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We got about 6-7 inches here in eastern Iowa yesterday and the night before on top of what was already on the ground.

All photo credit goes to Mrs Popeye:)

popeye shoveling snow

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Did you met any WWII veteran did they tell you anything interesting?
Are you refering to me..popeye? If so the answer is yes and yes.

My dad was a USMC WWII vet. I had two uncles that served in the US Army and USAF from WWII until the mid 60s' I never talked to them much.

My dad was in the Philippines in the Supply Corps of the USMC. He was a truck driver. Kinda the
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of the Philippines.

By the way I'm only 57 years old. Bladerunner is older than I am. And Jeff Head is close.