Littoral Combat Ships (LCS)


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And all the direct lobbying of the Biden administration on the Greek government has come to fruition.
(Regardless of the strong opposition of the Hellenic Navy)
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It was another clause of the F-35 contract ?

Greece will have F-35 one day if:

1) Greece buy our piece of crap ships.
2) Greece give all their air defences to Ukraine.
3) ?

Greece are not bankrupt anyway ?


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The LCS is now relegated to being assigned to mine counter measure duties in the Persian Gulf. Costing over $200 million a piece, these vessels will probably be the most expensive and sophisticated minesweepers ever.
To be fair, even if undesired/accidental, the return of destroyer-minesweeper(i.e. fast offensive ms) is a very powerful capability. As is such return of fast supply ships with full self-protection suits.
It shouldn't be underestimated.