Korean War 70 years later Win Lose and A draw


Who do you think started the Korean War first?
From MSM, it's usually said that the North attacked the South first. But then there are some sources that said the South (maybe planned to) attacked the North first.

Does anyone have any declassified documents regarding this?

The North attacked South first.

Kim Il-sung wanted to unify the peninsula. He first sought support from China, but Mao told him to wait. He then went around Mao and talked to Stalin, who told him to go ahead.

In the end, China sacrificed tens of thousands of lives and lost the opportunity to recover Taiwan, while the USSR mostly provided material support.


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I doubt the Soviet Union would have been as willing to grant China licensed production of the MiG-21 fighters, or T-54 tanks to China if it wasn't for Korea. I also think an invasion of Taiwan right then would have been really costly and could have failed. Just try reading about the attempt to invade Kinmen.
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