Korean War 70 years later Win Lose and A draw


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Hi LawLeadsToPeace,

Another factor is that most of the PVA were former Nationalist soldier themselves, train by the US, so maybe they know the tactics combined with PLA leadership may had contribute to their early success.
I am not sure about that. The PVA and US did not have a strong understanding of each other’s skills. Plus, the Nationalists couldn’t produce their own weapons, so their tactics were much different from that of the US. The PVA generals were just smart and understood warfare very very well, so they turned their disadvantages into advantages. For example, mountains are typically significant obstacles to any army; however PVA generals turned them into advantages. If they had maybe half of the firepower and mobility the US had, South Korea would probably not exist or at the very least be much smaller than it is now.


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The contrast between the Chinese performance in the Korean War and the one in the Chinese -Japanese war is mind boggling. The former we fought to a stalemate a superpower and ill equip at that, while the latter being defeated by a 3rd rate power. :mad: with heavy military support from the US. What the heck happen!!!!!:confused:
The ROC treated its recruits with mind boggling brutality. Conditions in recruitment camps were worse than on the battle front. Multitudes bought their way out of the draft to the point that village chiefs could not meet their recruitment quotas. Racketeers prowled the roads and kidnapped travelers for sale to village chiefs. Army officials trafficked in recruits as one would with slaves. In Chengdu black markets, bound recruits were sold for the price of 5 sacks of white rice. The terror was such that it forced ablebodied men to desert their villages and wait out the recruitment drive in the mountains. Village youths refused to haul pigs and rice to city markets out of fear of being kidnapped on the road.

Conditions in ROC's recruitment camps were comparable to that of Nazi concentration camps. One camp near Chengdu had received 40,000 men for induction. Only 8,000 men were alive at the camp at the end of the recruitment drive. One batch of 1,000 inductees was reported to have lost 800 men due to negligence of its officers. The Chinese people were disillusioned with their government. The ROC government appeared no less oppressive than the imperial government that preceded it.
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The stories have been told by many people, but this is the first time I've seen it in a video.

I know. It's shockingly sad. I have stories too. But to actually see it. Very sad.

But, these are brave soldiers that maned their post to the last. So we shouldn't dishonoured their sacrifice. We should feel proud of what they have given up. A lot less soldiers from pampered nations would have deserted their post long before it got too uncomfortable.