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Over the years I have had a lot of people ask me to do a video of my entire model collection and put it on my you tube channel.

That's well over 150 total models and here it is:

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Many models from multiple nations. Over 150.

I forgot my 1/144 scale Space Shuttle and Launch Platform, so here's a separate video of that:.

Also, my Stash of eight models:

1/144 Saturn V, and Gemini Launch and Launch facilities (2)
1/160 LCI (1)
1/350 Ships (3)
1/72 Aircraft (2)

I actually started building when I was about 10 years old in the mid 1960s, but none of those are left now.

Then in the late 1980s, when I was a Director for all of the support services for Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, working with several DOD companies, I began again. I built probably 30-40 models over a five year period. My AC-130H, 1/72 model is from that time period, my 1/192 USS Constitution is from that period, my Mig-31 is from that period

By 1997 we had moved to Idaho, and then in 2010 I contracted a very serious bone cancer. My wife convinced me to start building then...but I was working for the US Government, and would continue to do so until 2016 when they diagnosed my cancer as terminal and called for 2-4 months to live.

For whatever reason the good Lord decided I had longer. My principle neurosurgeon from MD Anderson in Houston says it is a miracle from God. I believe the same. When He is ready, He will bring me home. Until then, He has things for me to do.

If anyone is so interested, friends set up a donation site for my family.

I had to retire early and my wife could use the help after I am gone.


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Anything helps, especially your faith and prayers.

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Anyhow, here's the list of completed ship models by country. See if you can pick them out in the video.

US Navy Ships:

CVN-80 USS Enterprise
CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan
CVN-65 USS Enterprise
CV-6 USS Enterprise
CV-8 USS Hornet LHA-7
USS Iwo Jima LPD-21
USS New York LSD-40
USS Whidbey Island
BB-62 USS New Jersey
BB-35 USS Texas
CG-73 USS Port Royal
CG-70 USS Lake Erie
CG-64 USS Gettysburg
DDG-88 USS Preble
DDG-84 USS Bulkeley
DDG-82 USS Lassen
DDG-68 USS The Sullivans
LCS-1 USS Freedom (FF)
LCS-2 USS Independence (FF)
LCS-3 USS Ft. worth (FF)
LCS-4 USS Coronado (FF)
SSN-571 USS Nautilus
SSN-21 USS Sea Wolf
SSN-764 USS Boise
SSN-775 USS Texas
SSGN-726 USS Ohio

US Navy CVN-80 USS Enterprise Video:

US Navy CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan Video:

US Navy CVN-85 USS Enterprise Video:

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US Navy 2 Carrier Strike Group Video:

US Navy Complete ARG (Amphibious Ready Group) video:

US Navy LHD-7 Iwo Jima as an Escort Carrier Video:

I have similar videos on my channel of each nations carrier groups, individual videos of the ships, videos of Surface Action Groups (SAGS) and many others.

For example, here's a GREAT video of the 1/144 scale Space shuttle ad its complete launch facility:

Royal Navy Ships 1/350 Scale:

HMS Prince of Wales R09
HMS Dragon D35
HMS Duncan D37
HMS Kent F78
HMS Montrose F237
HMS Astute S119
HMS Artful S121
HMS Victorious S29

Chinese Navy Ships (PLAN) 1/350 Scale:

CV-16 Liaoning
LPD-998 Kunlun Shan
LPD-989 Changbai Shan
DDG-101 Nanchang[
DDG-110 Un-named
DDG-172 Kumming
DDG-173 Changsha
DDG-171 Haikou
DDG-115 Shenyang
DDG-168 Guangzhou
DDG-139 Ningbo
FFG-570 Huangshan
FFG-530 Xuzhao
FFL-580 Datong
FFL-581 Yingkou
SSN Changzheng6
SSK Yuan

Japanese Navy (JMSDF) Ships: 1/350 Scale:

DDH-181 JS Hyuga
DDH-192 JS Ise
DDG-177 JS Atago
DDG-116 JS Teruzuki
DDG-173 JS Kongo
DDG 119 JS Aihai
DDG 110 JS Takanami
SS-507 JS Hakuryu

Russian Navy ships 1/350 Scale:

CV-063 Admiral Kuznetsov
CGN-099 Petr Velikiy
CG-011 Varayag
DDG-650 Chanabenke
FFG-431 Admiral Kasatonov
K650 Severodvinsk
K335 Gepard
K150 Tomsik

German Navy Ships 1/350 Scale:

F212 Karlsruhe
F222 Baden-Württemberg
S184 U34

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I built 1/700 ships because I wanted to the historic nature of the introduction of fixed wing carriers to the Japanese Navy (JMSDF) and to the Korean Navy for the first time.

This is in answer to the PLAN carrier building.

I have videos of both groups on my youtube channel in 1/700 scale:

Videos: Japanese 2 Carrier Strike Group:

South Korean 2 Carrier Strike Group:

JMSDF Dual Carrier Strike Group:

Izumo DDH-183 Kaga DDH-184
Mashu AOE-425 Atago
DDG-177 Kirishima
DDG-174 Fuyuzuki
DDG-118 Onami
DDG-111 Hakuryu

South Korean Dual Carrier Strike Group:

Dokdo LPH-6111
Marako LPH-6112
Sejong the Great DDG-991
Sung Ryong DDG-993

I don't have room for all of the aircraft...but I have large numbers for each nation you will see.

Thanks for watching and please join if you want. Its free, and please encourage friends to join.

God bless you and may you always have Fair Winds and a Following Sea.

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Glad to hear you are alright.
Yes Viktor, Jeff is alright, he's the strongest guy on SDF, and no doubt always has been... he trusts his Lord Jesus everyday, in spite of his very, very difficult physical situation.. Jeff has been fighting cancer the whole time I have been on SDF... his Drs. had given him months to live, many years ago, and Jeff gives our very Loving and Gracious God all the credit, no doubt in my mind that our Lord continues to strengthen and comfort our Brother Jeff..

Jeff"s Drs. at MD ANDERSON reconstructed his tail bone with titanium girders, his X-ray which he has posted here on the forum looks like a young man's erector set. Jeff and his lovely wife have 5 children, and I believe Bro Jeff has 15 grandchildren, so Jeff has a lot to live for, and has fought like the Man that he is...

So Victor and others, please keep lifting up our Brother Jeff and his family in your prayers, it means everything to Jeff, and I can say in no uncertain terms that Brother Jeff loves and admires the men of SDF, he continues to join us as often as he can.

thanks Jeff for sharing all your neat models with us, no doubt this remains therapeutic and helps keep your mind and motor skills sharp, beyond that these models give us a picture of what all this equipment looks like assembled together as it would be used.

and to the Gentlemen of SDF, continue to lift our comrade up in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you in advance, your encouragement and concern for Jeff and others who were going through some tough times, is an inspiration to us all to be stronger and kinder in the process.

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My 4th video of building the Japanese Asahi class destroyer, the 1/350 scale JS Shinarui, DDG-125.

Watch all four videos if you get the chance.

These is the 4th one:

There is a play list for all four here:

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