J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII


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Nope, here's an image of the text that accompanied the photos I shared previously. It basically says that 2020 is a crucial year for the development of a future advanced airplane.

Eh...i am sorry but i dont see where it says future airplane, but i does say "fighting in 2 fronts", wonder what that is referring to


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I freeze framed the video in high-def, those aren't Chinese characters. They are tiny solid-white squares arranged concentrically, probably a gauge/dial of some sort to indicate a value or quantity of something. It seems like the gauge goes up and down (more and less white blocks) quite rapidly, almost matching the shaking of the cockpit. My quick guess would be it indicates lateral-g or something similar. This would match up well with the obvious dial in the middle of the graphic.
I proposed the "Chinese characters" theory when I thought the overlay was part of the camera.
Since now we are suspecting the overlay being from the HUD, I agree with your suggestion that it is likely indicator images of blocks.

Another thing that really bugs me is that the graphic looks a little too flat and too bright to me, almost as if unaffected by the environment and lighting in the cockpit. Maybe the graphic was added during post-processing after all. The brief footage might have been pulled from another TV segment where that graphic served an informational purpose. It's not that difficult to add a shaking graphic overlay in post-processing. What can I say, but watching Chinese military developments is never boring.
I am inclined to believe that it is indeed the HUD, not video post-processing. The reason of it being "too" bright is that above the cloud, the ambient light is always too bright. Any light entering the pilot's eyes must be through the darkened visor. The HUD and the instrument's light must be much brighter than the ambient light for the pilot to see. It won't be "too" bright to the eyes after the visor. Think about watching a projector TV in broad daylight outdoors with a pair of sunglasses.


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Those side array seem uncovered in this picture for the first time? Don't recall seeing them reflect so red. Yet the chin mounted aperture still seems covered unless that greyish box was never a cover that needed to be removed manually.
The reflection of the "side array" is just the reflection of the light on the glass of the aperture of the EO passive detection system. There are six of those apertures on the aircraft, one on either side of the nose, two ventrally, and two dorsally (in front of cockpit and behind cockpit).

To our knowledge J-20 doesn't have a side looking radar system.