J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII


A utility patent that might be of some interest or at least interesting to look at. The illustration is obviously based on a J-20 fuselage, although this by itself doesn't mean the concept or idea necessarily has a connection with J-20 or has to be confined to J-20. Note the movable surfaces have been greatly modified to allow for flexible aerodynamic configurations. The link below contains a full English translation.

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Abstract: The invention proposes a kind of variant invisible plane and its changing method and applications.The aircraft is designed by stealthy requirement, moves canard and two deflectable formula slab tails entirely using lifting body strake wing allosteric type aerodynamic arrangement scheme, including two deployable and collapsibles. Deployable and collapsible canard takes in fuselage when aircraft cruises or high speed is flat winged, to reduce radar cross section, improves stealth. Deflectable formula slab tail is then deflectable to different angle under different flight state, thus as V-arrangement tail, horizontal tail or abdomeinal fin.The transformation of the aircraft aerodynamic arrangement, including canard configuration, anury formula layout and three-surface configuration are realized with this.The switching of three kinds of aerodynamic arrangements can combine the advantage of this three, preferably meet the requirement under each flight profile, mission profile and state of flight to air maneuver and stealth.The variant aircraft can be used as a kind of high lift-drag ratio, high maneuverability, the good someone of new generation of stealth and unmanned air fighting platform, for executing air superiority combat duty.

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How would one manage directional stability without v-tail? With TVC engines?

That config certainly has a bit of a 6th gen look about it.