J-20 5th Gen Fighter Thread IV (Closed to posting)

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The old thread got too long. Please continue all J-20 related discussions, news, etc. on this thread.

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How many additional capabilities would a squadron of J-20s add to an air division of J-11s or J-10Bs?

(Basically how much more % survivability per mission, pounds of weaponry per sortie, extra sorties/day, range, or response speed)


The picture looks similar to the blurry picture of the J-20 we suspected could be the 2003. In the picture, the blurring made the fencing coil looked like the heads of people standing around the J-20.


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that looks pretty big. and 2000 yuan... looks like I'm not at that stage of collecting models just yet ;)
to be honest, that thing looked like cost less than 20 yuan to make. It's a colossal rip-off. the only one who would buy it for the price would either be super-rich or, what's the phrase, J-20-crazied.
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