J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread


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If true indeed another major news: This latest image from SAC suggested that the J-15T - eventually officially as the J-15B (?) CATOBAR variant - is in production at SAC. Quite interesting it seems to feature new handles (for a CAT-launch similar to thise on the F-14) and a new HUD.

(Image via @柳絮纷飞竟不是雪 from Weibo)

J-15B in production maybe.jpg


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Amazing, it looks like the J15 for Shandong has been built, we have many new images of the new J15s coming into service. Now production starts for a catapult variant?


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Apparently the image is a little older as Yankeesama said on his weibo that he had seen the image end of last year already