J-15 carrier-borne fighter thread


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Indeed, but that's anyway the old question ... will it have an AESA (IMO most likely, in fact it is the only logical answer) and will it have a pitot? I must admit I already expected a J-16-style-radome on the refurbished J-11BGs and still think we'll see something like this on the J-15B, but let's wait for clearer images.
Hope this can be considered as better qlty. Its QR code indicates it's from military.cnr.cn


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Just a beautiful image.



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According to this image released on 1st August, the first Batch 04 J-15 (cn. 0401) was handed over to the PLAN. (Image via Huitong's CMA-Blog via @撒手锏_ from Weibo)

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Presumably starting from batch 05 are the new catobar ver (guesses ofc) we've seen earlier this year? Also I m a bit confused as to why they seem to be building these non-catapult J-15s in relatively small batches of 24 each..?