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Bit surprised that no one posted news on this.

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Iran does have Makran, but even with that the navy's logistics capabilities have been significantly reduced.

Khalij e Fars

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REPORT: there was a failed attempt to launch a satellite into orbit with the Simorgh SLV on 12 June 2021

It also appears that Iran is preparing for another attempt shortly.

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If true, this is the 5th launch of the Simorgh SLV since 2016. The first test launch was successful, the subsequent three launches were partial successes, but ultimately all failed to insert a satellite into orbit.

Two more launches of the Simorgh SLV are planned for this year. Each failure brings us one step closer to success. The fact they are planning to launch again so soon is positive and indicates the issue was minor.

The Simorgh class SLV is comparable to the (more advanced) Zoljanah SLV, which had its first test flight earlier this year. The Zoljanah is planned to have two more test launches by the end of 2022.

The Simorgh and Zoljanah SLVs are broadly comparable in terms of capacity (200-250kg to 500km LEO), although the latter is significantly more advanced (solid-fuel, very powerful engines, much smaller than Simorgh SLV).

We can expect many SLV launches from 2021-2022:
  • 3+ Simorgh SLV launches (test conducted on June 2021 - failed, second launch expected shortly)
  • 2+ Zoljanah SLV launches (first test launch conducted on February 2021 - success)
  • 1-2+ Qased/Qased 2.0 SLV launches by the IRGC (first launch in April 2020 - success)
The 2021-2024 period will surely herald a new era of success and capability in Iran's already impressive space programme.

Khalij e Fars

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Iran's Minister of Information Technology gives update on Iran's space programme:
  • Construction of an imaging satellite with 1m resolution is underway.
  • Plans are underway to launch a satellite into 36,000km orbit (GEO): the satellite is undergoing construction and the engine for the relevant SLV has already been tested successfully by the Ministry of Defense.
  • Manned space launch: a sub-orbital test of the biological capsule (that will be used to take humans to space) will take place this year.