Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Why is China selling its type 07 camo uniform to foreign nation / special forces ? selling gun is one thing but uniform too ?
If it's surplus now that the PLA is moving to their new uniforms, then it's quite normal. In the same way you can find Bundeswehr surplus flecktarn all over the world in the civilian market.
It’s not all surplus. It’s common practice for top tier nations to sell or supply uniforms and equipment to lesser states as need for military aid or profit. Iraqi forces have been seen wearing Chinese highlands Type 07 form time to time.


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From not too long ago. Can anyone translate what this says? Found this on
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From the looks of it (and correct me if I'm wrong) , the person who created that post said that the marines are getting new camouflaged uniforms and they are hella excited to post this. If that's the case, all I can say is FINALLY! Those blue smurf uniforms literally tell the enemy, "Please shoot me.". I wonder when the paratroopers and naval and airborne special operation forces will all get new uniforms though. They all stick out like sore thumbs.


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I am not so sure that might not end up being another case of
“Be Careful what you wish for...[Ominous] You might just get it.
Another set of Vanity Patterns might just be Smurf 2.0. PLAMC and PLAAF-Paras best bet would be to go for a Multicam type pattern that is multi service but offers degrees of effectiveness across the board.
This as those units are meant to be rapid reaction arms. Well the larger heavier arms gear up for phase to of missions. Can take the time to grab the right pattern for the AOR.
As such having a common set as opposed to a Marine version vs Para version Vs Gucci SF version would save effort (Not necessary resources). If the Para’s need more special gear then use the same pattern but modify the utility and cut. Alternatively just adopting the PLA-GF uniforms would be even more cost and resource efficient. If the Unit wants to stand out in parade than they could add things like special Berets or the classic telnyashka.