Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Don't you mean OCP? ACU is the grey digital one that didn't work anywhere AFAIK.
Actually did well on floral pattern couches and rock quarries.
ACU is the uniform UCP was the pattern.
OCP is the modern pattern.
ACU means Army Combat Uniform. It refers to the garment not the pattern.
UCP was "Universal Camouflage Pattern"
A grey green tan pixilated pattern
OCP is "Operational Camouflage Pattern"
based of an improved version of Scorpion W2 which modified is the basis of The Commercial Multicam which the Chinese did clone but not the Military form which is darker.

The style of the uniform is that of gen one ACU compete with Manderin collar. These are features that later changed in the modern version along with the pattern.
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How can you tell if they have ballistic plates on?
I can't, things like the shape and thickness would suggest that it is at least a plate carrier. If there are plates inside, it would push out the Kevlar/fabric and make it look more boxy and smooth. In this case it's unlikely that there are ballistic inserts. In the same way I can tell if someone has a phone in their pocket. Although in these images it's unclear. It could also simply be a carrier rig for equipment.

Note I never mentioned anything to do with plates.
ballistic vests/carrier rig.


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I don't know if fan made images are allowed (this one is from a Chinese film student, the film itself is coming soon), but here are some very well made ones showing what type07 could look like if the gears are improved to a more modern standard


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The real question is, despite all fancy gear that is around or upcoming, do they get issued earplugs? Even artillery troops firing 155mm I have never seen to be given any ear protection.
Tinnitus builds character it’s in the PLA field manual I’m pretty sure, along with arthritis and frostbite:rolleyes: . But I’ve seen them with and without so idk probably depends on how “elite” the unit is l