Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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I know it's the PAP, but it's still relevant seeing that the branch has been subsumed under the command of the Central Military Commission.

New-ish tactical helmets

Similar tactical helmet with the rails but with the additional head coverage. But the same PAP multicam style camo, on a ballistic vest, identical to those fielded by the regular forces.
Also note the polymer arm and elbow pads.


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I figure it's time to consolidate several dormant non-firearm-related threads on individual infantry equipment into one unified thread. Please share information on Chinese infantry equipment (e.g. ammo belts, body armor, boots, water canteens, camouflage, first-aid kits, tactical knee/elbow pads, binoculars, thermal-imaging cameras, night-vision goggles, etc.).

New NVG for the PLA?
Left placard: New Helmet-Mounted Panoramic Night-Vision Goggles.
Right placard: Thermo-Imaging Camera
P.S. I have no info. on the scope off on the far right.

Upon further digging, I believe I have found the unknown sight in your post to likely be (or similar to) the 'PVS-14' night vision multipurpose monocular (likely the same with some aesthetic deviation such as the ridges and eye cup). For use as either as a rifle NV optic, or as a standalone NVG monocular. This would make sense seeing that the rest of the equipment in the photo is also to do with NV or thermal imaging.



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PVS is a US designed night vision device made by Harris and L3 communications. That would fall into to the military technology category of restricted. It may resemble the PVS14 much like how the quad night vision goggles resemble the GNPVS 8 but it is not the same. Because of the way these systems work and what they are intended to do a resembence is expected but beyond outside appareances, they are bound to be different beasts.