Infantry Combat Equipment (non-firearm): Vests, Body Armor, NVGs, etc.


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Just saw this on the news, PLA has these "field cultural enrichment supply boxes" (野战文化箱)for troops on borders, these typically include instruments like drums so that the soldiers have something to do in winter when the outpost does not have internet.

I've seen these before, and I always thought they were a joke or a meme. Turns out it's a legit thing lol....


A list of items the make up the new individual soldier system. Unfortunately, I could not find better quality images, so this makes translation difficult.

The list is broken into several categories (clockwise from bottom left).
- Communications systems: radios, smart fore grip, glow sticks, IFF, binoculars, smart terminal, rifle scope image acquisition and transceiver module, etc.
- Combat systems: the assault rifle, various scopes, grenades, combat knife, tactical flashlight, pistol, etc.
- Combat uniform and equipment care systems: the uniform itself, helmet, visor, pads, canteens, various accessory pouches, personal care products, pen and notebook, first aid kit, rifle cleaning kit, etc.
- Battery charger, etc.

Overall, quite a comprehensive set of equipment, which explains the necessity of the rucksack.