Ideal assault rifle


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Yeap, the ideal assault rifle.
What do you think the ideal rifle should be like? Design? Classic layout? Bullpup? P90? Even a new layout/operation method/part?
Go ahead and use your juices.

Source of idea: Planeman
Why am I doing this during college? It's the weekend right now.


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I think the best type of assault rifle is like small recoil, medium weight, and can be used for urban, jungle, and desert warfare. 5.8 X 42 mm is fine, medium precision but still, China needs a competent rifle to make PLA stronger though.


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Having been a prior emissary of over one hundred assault rifles I must say that I prefer the power of the Abakan (AN-94), I am in favor of the 5.56X45mm rounds and the rotating bolt pulse system and framework improvements as well as rate of fire(600rpm) I have found to be very effective. Although the 7.62 AK-10X have their place and the price of the 94 is an issue. I also see a future in the bullpup ala F2000, gas regulator, accessories, and the pure feel of the weapon, this is a pleasure to fire and is successful in a real combat situation. However, my allegiance still lays with the G36 and its ease of use, accuracy and reliability. I see an optimized bullpup which can be disassembled in interlocking pieces, uses 7.62 rounds and has reasonable clip extensions
has a telescoping barrel and is made of high-grade plastics and steel where necessary, using automated or composite self-cleaning systems and can take a beating. Rate of fire should be 700-750, perhaps a kinetic energy penetrator and digital 3-8 times scope/laser with the possibility of adding exploding rounds perhaps, grenade, flash suppressor. While it will be more pricey it is intended to replace current models and current trends show this is the path that governments are taking.


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The ideal assault rifle is one that never gets used for real :D

But, design wise assault rifle technology seems to have stagnated since the end of the cold war killed the main advanced researches - everyone bar America is coming out with bullpup 5.56mm (or like) weapons with 30 round magazines.

The fundamental problem is that body armour is also improving and becoming more widespread - assault rifle rounds are not going to be so useful on tomorrow's battlefield.

There are several trends you could take:
1. Fanchette ammo such as Styr developed - seems to have many advantages.
2. Electrothermal guns to improve muzzle velocity - questionable practicality for an infantry weapon.
3. Guided ammo
4. Pray for world peace and abandon designing guns


My ideal rifle would be:
- Longer range so can be used as sniper (multi-role idea)
- Digitized aiming device
- Pin-point accuracy
- Slimmer round so that one magazine/drum can hold more rounds
- Up to 100 rounds capacity (magazine/drum)
- Other feature are already existed, we don't need to mention them


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...... Yes, we should all pray for world peace....
But for the fun of it, let's just draw up some hopefully never battle tested dreams.
With pictures! What about a bullpup that is actually ambidextrous(A design other than that of F2000 or SAR-21's.) and as useful in bayonet charges as any other gun?

And for those who want to see drums on a bullpup, well, clipped magazines are just as good. I dare you to try firing a SA-80 with a beta-C. :p
Rescaling my design right now....
Don't expect anything quick, vista has totally morphed my JPG....
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The only assault rifle I've ever fired was the L85A1 (SA-80) so this is really a list of everything I didn't like about that gun.

Main features:
* All 'plastic' exterior (doesn't rattle like a tin can) with shrouded barrel to reduce IR signature
* Completely modular upper and lower furniture. The lower fore-stock (with optional pistol grip) slides off the gun forwards along grooves, and the gas recoil mechanism is inside it. The trigger mechanism housing slides off once the fore-stock is removed.
* Flechette rounds so much greater accuracy, combined with longer barrel = longer range (say 700m compared to 300m of current ARs), and better body armour penetration
* Revolving bolt allows mechanism to be much further aft, allowing longer barrel.
* caseless ammo means no ejection - weapon can be manually cocked to extract misfires. The cocking handle is below the gun and only moves when manually cocking the weapon, not with every shot. Not spring-returning thus silent cocking. This also allows ambidextrous use.


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On my AR:
*NATO 5.56
*Bullpup, quick switch
*Roller delayed recoil operation (so far)
*Usual three firing modes
Polymer exterior
Exposed barrel on full size rifle for bayonet and grenade.
Possibly a crankshaft to redirect the redirect the recoil.
Rotating charging handle to determine righty or lefty use.
Guide rail for magazines. (Pistol grip kep as far back as possible.)
FAMAS like carrying handle, top and rear are detachable.
Double grip, cross between that of FAMAS and Type 95.
To prevent bullet faces, ejection covers are stuck open on the ejecting side.


Maybe I can get a pic of something ready until next weekend.

So far I really like the HK416.
Since there aren't limitations, I'd change the caliber, though. I'm undecided between the 6,8mm SPC and the 6,5mm Grendall. While I prefer the idea of the more streamlined Grendall bullet, the thicker casing wich allows lesser rounds in a mag is a considerable disadvantage. The best solution would be to redesign the casing, make in thinner and longer.
You could use the rifle in 12" or 16" barrel versions depending on the situation.
Retractable butstock, picatinny rails and two sights like on the G36.
Safe, single shot, two shot burst, full auto.

I'm really not sure about bullpup. Actually I really like the idea, but the negative spillovers drive me away from it.
Perhaps a light 12" barrel bullpup version in 4,6mmx30 for urban combat / CQB.

I also liked the caseless ammo concept of the HK G11 rifle.


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Classic lay out with an LOP collapsibility and adjustable cheek weld folding butt stock.
multi caliber the default being 6.8 SPC but capable of 5.56, 5.45,5.8 and 7.62x39. safe, Semi automatic,and full auto with a crisp trigger.
adjustable pistol grip for the needs of the user. short stroke piston and a weight about 7-4 lbs. modular in that the forearm will fit a grenade or shotgun system quick change barrel in 12.5 16 and 18.6 as well as a heavy 18.6 for Para sniper use to meet the mission needs. full Ambi-controls.fits every accessory i think i might need via rail system including optic ( i think a low powered variable like say a 1-3x would do), backup iron, laser sight, flash light, vertical fore grip, bipod, bayonet or flare launcher. should have storage for cleaning kit.
the magazine should be though enough to take the banging around it will take.

hell i just basically described the magpul masada
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