Hong-Kong Protests


I really hope they reveal the evidence of the funds collection.
The MSM might not like the laws of the HK SAR, but the procedures have been totally above board. Even the foreign judges still in HK say this. This means the evidence is more than likely very strong.
Jimmy Lai didn't even bother to conceal his involvement by directly deposit so many money towards many opposition politicians' bank accounts. Basically before the NSL, nobody in HK bothers or dares to go after the money trail. As of now, most of CIA and middlemen have left HK. I am quite doubtful there would be a significant breakthrough.


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I like the HKPF, ptu, raptors , etc uniforms though, hope they can keep those
Oh I believe they will keep the uniforms, ranks, the hierarchy, and even the structure of the PF. It's 1C2S after all.

The integration and changes (in the HKPF) are going to be deep under the skin, like in technologies and equipments as their western supplies dry up. Feedback from the HKPF might even help the mainland manufacturers of police equipments find new markets in other former British colonies. The ongoing intelligence sharing across the border will be certainly strengthened. I hope there will be permission granted at some level for each other's certain databases, if this hasn't happened already.

I, too, think they have the best PF uniforms in China. As the mainland PFs getting better funded, I hope they can learn from HK in this area.


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As we speak, starting on June 1, 2022, all HKPF foot drills will be in the PLA style.


香港警察高帝权是一名教官,纪律部队中他最年长。他将@驻香港部队 队列训练所学,传授给新一代港警。他说,从步操到队列,走出了十分有意义的一步;每一步都更靠近祖国,每一步都更有归属感。今年是香港回归祖国25年。祝福祖国,祝福香港!

Will we see the HKPF guards of honor holding QBZ-191, too?

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