Hong-Kong Protests


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Guys, just ignore Mr Troll. It’s beyond clear by now that he has no interest other than to bash whatever China does while celebrating whatever the US/US puppet west does. Zero point in trying to reason with such a steadfastly closed mind, you are just wasting your time.
Yeah I have no idea why are you guys still responding to that troll. He Is just Polluting the thread now And offering nothing but Biased anti China views. Just stop responding to the bait.


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Anyway, with all this back and forth I just want to know what the hong kong protesters actually demanded in the first place and what has changed since then before I can comment further.

Also, does the "one country, two systems" of China and Hong Kong close enough to the US and Puerto Rico style of governance?


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If Beijing wants to troll Trump, it should do so with humour and compassion. I think it would be hilarious if China started sending full face respirators like the ones the CIA/NED supplied to HK rioters back to the US protestor and call them COVID19 aid supplies.

Respirators would be invaluable, and a much more viable long term solution than disposable masks for when the COVID19 second wave hits, but will also come in handy to protect peaceful protestors from police tear gas.
Like these tweets from Hua Chunying?

"I can't breathe."
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All lives matter. We stand firmly with our African friends. We strongly oppose all forms of racial discrimination and inflammatory expressions of racism and hatred.


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I don't think Joshua Wong got the memo from the white house! Lol watch his funds dries up from NED!

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Death of Hong Kong has been greatly exaggerated through the ages!

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JW shouldn't be too worried. His handlers told him it's fine to say that, hence the silence so far.

US will go back to the double standards once they crush their own riots.