Hong-Kong Protests


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Me too. I never imagined there are people in Hong Kong that are capable of such inhumane atrocities just because others don't agree with them. It changed my perception of Hong Kong although I know the perpetrators are not representative of the majority of Hong Kongers.
Definitely not representative of majority of Hong Koners. Its the MSM deliberately playing up to the view its supported by the majority.
This morning CNN, Will Ridley reported that the shooting anger "most"of Hong Kongers! Really, how does he know? Did he do a survey? Judging by my social media leads and from ky friends and family, I would say most people were well happy about what had happened!

Example of such are this clip showing people getting off the bus ti clear the barricade, and are very angry about the mobs antics. But of course, the MSM would never report this!

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The face of the arsonist attempted murderView attachment 55102 View attachment 55103

And the politician in denial. He goes as far as saying it is staged! View attachment 55104

The poor guy escaped with his lifeView attachment 55105 View attachment 55106
Don't be fooled into believing the burned victim is not serious in his injuries. There were reports of burned victims seemingly able to walk into emergency rooms without any help, only to later succumb to their injuries.


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More of the truth comes through in CNN's still pro-rioter/anti-authorities biased coverage, most other US media are much worse and should not be trusted at all.
Yes, I couldn't believe what I just saw on the evening after a hard day at work. Just turned my TV on, and it was thuned to CNN, the report from Will Ridley. And I thought did I saw something different this before I set out to work? If I haven't already seen what happened, I would have completely opporsite!

He tried to make it look like the shooting was unnecessary by interviewing a girl eyewitness on the scene. But of course, we know she is actually one of the "cockroaches" she started to cry and saying the "protestors" were "unarmed" with no body armour! (basically defenceles). And therefore the shooting is unjust and unnecessary!

There was no counterview on this! Figures! Now, we all seen the footage, we saw the thug was walking towards the police with no sign of stopping! (if a policeman or anyone else was aimimg a gun at me, the last I would do is running towards him). Also, he was warned to stat back, and he still advancing. The policeman was already busy with one thug, what else is he espected to do?

Will Ridley went on to say the shooting anger the "public" which leads to roadblock being set up! Lol. Typical attemp at distorting the facts! (suggesting roadblock was the result of the shooting)! The fact barricade has already been set up in places is irrelevant!

He then went on to say the anger of the shooting lead to a man being set on fire! (again, the narratives are that all these unacceptable behaviours is down to the shooting)!

And the final manipulation is that CNN only shoewed the petrol being poured on to the man. The horrific fire and aftermath was completely cut out!

So the message was, it was the police that did the violent by shooting innocent protestors, and because of this, the subsequence response by the "peaceful demonstrator" is tamed and understandable!


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Whoever set that man on fire, should have maximum sentence punishable. Too bad HK doesn't have death penalty anymore.
He was catching these terrorists destroying public properties around there and arguments ensued.

Unless there is a clear certainty of swift and severe physical punishment that involves proportional brutality, this roving terrorists gangs are not going to go away anytime soon as they don't need to pay any price and will gain more tactics and experience to exact more damage. Clearly they are not afraid of police authority and command. They don't seem to have a natural predator.


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Don't be fooled into believing the burned victim is not serious in his injuries. There were reports of burned victims seemingly able to walk into emergency rooms without any help, only to later succumb to their injuries.
I have no doubts that he is seriously injured, I hate to think what his mental state is at the moment!


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Great video with analysis of what actually happened.

The whole event actually started with roadblocks set up at a T-junction by the thugs. (so much for Will Ridley's little white lie). And it was designed to trap the responding police!

The police was alone when he faced the grave situation. The thugs gad look outs etc. everywhere. And the clip slowed down showed the cop was hit on the head, etc.

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Guy plays dead, gets up and tries to run off.
Note that at the start of the clip, it can clearly be seen that the guy wearing hi-vis vest with what looks like a press badge hanging around his neck, and who subsequently got very close to take video/pictures was helping to set up the road block. Positive proof that these people are part of the rioters’ organisation.
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Protests rage across Hong Kong after man shot by police
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now this popped up:
1 min ago
Transit citywide has been disrupted since 7 a.m.
I hadn't noticed

A man who confronts protesters is set on fire
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A man who confronted a group of pro-democracy protesters was doused in a flammable liquid and set alight in the New Territories earlier this afternoon, as captured in a video seen by CNN and circulated widely on social media.

The full video is too graphic to be broadcast on CNN.

Aong Kong police source told CNN they are investigating the incident, which took place on Monday near Ma On Shan subway station in the New Territories.

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority told CNN that a man who sustained burn injuries in Ma On Shan has been admitted to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin district and is currently in a critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

The video shows an unidentified, unarmed man remonstrating with protesters. He shouts expletives at the protesters, before saying "You are all not Chinese."

A person off-camera douses the man at close range with a flammable liquid, then uses a lighter to set him on fire.

After the man is fully engulfed in flames, it’s unclear how long the fire lasted or how the flames were extinguished. Later video shows the man standing, seemingly stunned. He is no longer on fire and isn't wearing his shirt, burns can be seen all over his upper body.

Video which appears to be from before the incident showed the man shouting at and chasing a group of protesters clad in black inside the Ma On Shan subway station.

Protesters are calling for more unrest tomorrow
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Protesters are distributing flyers over social media calling for another round of demonstrations Tuesday morning.

One poster calls for protesters to come out at 6:30 a.m. local time to disrupt transit.

“Remember to wake up earlier if you really like going to work,” one of the posters reads.

Protesters began disrupting subway lines and other transit routes this morning as early as 7 a.m. local time, as part of their day-long general strike.

Several subway lines experienced minor to severe delays, with some stations closed and routes partially suspended.