Hong-Kong Protests

Today at 10:35 AM
Yesterday at 2:14 PM... LIVE Flash mob protests flare up across Hong Kong as groups smash shops, block roads and railway
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... operationally interesting entry is
Police confirm details of white car
Referring to the white car that was smashed on Dundas Street in Mong Kok, police have released a statement. The force says at around 7pm rioters had smashed the windows of a white car parked near Nathan Road, spray-painting it and looting items within.

Police confirm that the vehicle belongs to them, and was used by Identification Bureau officers who were handling a non-protest-related "burglary" case. The force says rioters had committed criminal damage and if caught, face a decade's imprisonment.



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Apparently it turns out that the man committing the violent act at the end of the clip is a Christian pastor. He was likely leading the school children to commit illegal assembly and illegal wearing of mask.

This is not a democratic movement as the press wants everyone is led to believe. It is blatantly a anti-China movement based on the actors and atrocities being committed by the protestors. School Children are not even allowed to vote in election, let alone participate in violent political rioting. But it does not stop manipulative handlers from using children to advanced their hateful agenda.

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Mr Christian Pastor again