"Greening" Forces for Victory


Another big step towards using alternative fuel in aviation. By 2016 the USAF wants to satiefy half of it's aviation fuel needs from domestic, alternative sources. I guess that this might also have an impact on civila aviation of course, depending on how easy / cheap these new fuels can be produced in quantity.

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USAF uses C-17 for bio-fuel flight-test

By Gareth Jennings - 10 September 2010

The US Air Force (USAF) flew a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III strategic transport aircraft on JP-8 aviation fuel blended with bio-fuel during tests at Edwards Air Force base (AFB), California, it announced on 3 September. [...]

During the trials a C-17 flew on all four engines being powered by a 50:25/25 blend of JP-8; bio-fuel derived in part from animal fat; and synthetic fuel derived from coal. The flight was a first for any Department of Defense aircraft where a 50 per cent mix of JP-8 was blended with 25 per cent renewable bio-fuel and 25 per cent fuel derived from the Fischer-Tropsch process, which is essentially liquefied coal or natural gas. ...