German engeneering in da house !


"the engineer"
i feel sorry for the guys that got their sweet cars destroyed like that just to get replaced by a plain vw. but the vw does look nice.


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Too bad most of our members dont know that "Pimp my ride" or "drop like it's hot" means. Nice though.

bd popeye

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Pimp My ride is the only show I watch on MTV. I think it's great what they do to those hoopties on there..ooopss more American slang....

What is a hooptie?

1. hooptie

Any car that meets the following: a) driver must enter car through passenger side b) three different brand and size tires - 3 of them missing hubcap c) exhaust is held up by half a clothes hanger - other half replaces the antenna d) backfires every three blocks - loudest backfire being when car is turned off e) must open door at drive-threws as windows don't roll down f) you only get one AM station and the tape deck eats all tapes inserted g) can't open the glove box as the whole thing will fall out h) if you let go of steering wheel while driving you'll make a u-turn i) must manually move blinker lever up and down as it no longer blinks on it's own j) must keep one foot on brake and one on accelerator when at a complete stop k) has had the same temporary registration sticker in the window for the last 18 months l) has all the above issues but still has a $200 professional tint job

"Hey gotta have the phattest hooptie in town!"

Sir-mix-a-lot circa 1989

Hooptie rollin
tail pipe draggin'
heat don't work
and my girl keeps naggin'
six nine Buick
Duce keeps rollin'
One hubcap
'cause three got stolin'