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Good Fanboy Works, but very good:
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Haha, wanted to post it but you got here first.

Definitely recommended for the entertainment and production value, far exceed what I'd expect from a fan-made project. It did get assistance from some of the famous names in Chinese military fans circles e.g. 西葛西 for models and 飞羽社 for technical consultation on air combat.

This is also a movie made for military fans. There's information overload -- too much knowledge barrier happening too quickly for mainstream audience to get what's happening, but about right for half-bucket fanboys like me to enjoy a "realistic" portrayal of modern warfare. The way it portrays electronic warfare and the directing skills in the final battle are some of the best I've ever seen.

The quoted link is the 3rd video (Ep.2-2) of the "World War III China vs India" series, I'd recommend starting from the first two (on youtube with English subtitles):



Ep.2-2 is on bilibili (the link A.Man posted) and not yet on youtube, so you'd have to wait a bit for the English subtitled version if you need it.

The director previously created some other world war series, not as well produced as the China-India one but may worth a look also:
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