F-35 Joint Strike Fighter News, Videos and pics Thread


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And why you need tablets to achieve this target ?
Well thats obviously a failure from the Project office.

However the app-based approach is still valid.
I dont know why everybody is fixated to the tablet thing

Clearly the capabilities that it offers are more important than the tablet device itself.


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British Tempest program doesn’t have a glass cockpit, they are allegedly using Augmented Reality. This tablet is similar and is an upgrade, imagine not having to develop cockpit instrumentation and control and just plug in your tablets instead.

This will be great for controlling drones, there is already apps for that!
British Tempest doesn’t exist yet. It’s talking about a virtual cockpit but again that’s conceptual not reality yet. F35 are flying right now. Tempest concept is an evolution of the HMD concept used in F35.


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It is not only the F-35, but the whole efficiency / capability of the military of USA.

In the past the Capitol/Pentagon enjoyed the supremacy in the amount of man and weapons, and many cases had the luxury to trade the hands on frontline with hands at homeland, making sophisticated weapons for inflated price.

It is not the case anymore, the USA was ten times stronger in the 2nd WW than Japan, but now the USA is the weaker in the play. So it is not brute force anymore - it is clever organisation from the very basis .

I love to highlight the differences between capability with the gun loading of the Abrams/Leopard/T-72.

Sorry to say, but the USA gun breech rubbish, and has the lowest quality of all three. If you have five times more tank then you can afford it, but it is not the case anymore.

But the same can be said about the F-35 vs Su-34 vs. Typhoon.