F-35 Joint Strike Fighter News, Videos and pics Thread

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I gotta admit I love this! LOL
, loving this too!

and keep in mind, I've been talking about the "chickification of the the USAF", its happening Dude's. I just hate it when I'm right though...

take no offense ladies, I am on board with this, but I don't know if she's gonna be able to do the "Dojo Slide" or whatever they started calling it, see a great example of that on the 2018 RIAT F-35A demo put on by "Dojo"

The chicks name is "Kristen "BEO" Wolfe!! check her out!
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“DOD lacks clarity about the goals of the re-design, such as the capabilities that will be included in the future system and the extent to which ALIS will be hosted in the cloud,” the organization stated.

actually there's just one goal: make the Pentagon pay, pay and pay

LockMart designers are actually very clever by playing bunglers LOL oh we're so sorry, a patch is coming, just there's the associated cost of ... billion
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