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I can understand them shorting Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, and Siemens. But Rheinmetall? If anything the war in Ukraine should be a major boon for them.
Rheinmetall is a Tier1 manufacturer for some items in the car industry and trucks industry.
The produce some mechanical stuff, and for sure that division has big issues as all German automotive industry.

Maybe munition orders from the war in Ukraine don’t compensate, and to be fair the world witnessing Leopards burning as candles didn’t help.


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German direct investment in China increased by 4.3% to a record high of 11.9 billion euros (12.7 billion U.S. dollars) last year.

Investment in China as a share of Germany’s overall investments abroad rose last year to 10.3%, the highest level since 2014, while German direct investments elsewhere in Asia were stagnant at around 8%, according to the report.


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Algeria doesn't have that much extra gas to export to begin with. Germany will just be competing with other EU countries in Southern Europe for the same supplies.
isn't that the point? It can't replace the cheap Russian pipeline gas with other pipeline gas, so need to depend on LNG?