Early China: History, Legends, and Myths


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I have to laugh at the article claiming the discovery is "challenging" Chinese history. How utterly egocentric!

Quite the contrary, far from challenging Chinese history, this discovery is simply confirming what Chinese historians have said all along, that Chinese history begins with the Xia dynasty.
In deed and on the contrary the discovery challenged the westerners' own disbelief of long Chinese history.

Regarding the Liangzhu culture itself, it certainly left marks on the Chinese history. However we know that Xia started around southern Shanxi and western Henan much later, 500 years before Shang compared to 1700 years of Liangzhu before Shang. Liangzhu is also located very east and south. It declined in terms of population and number of settlements in a very big scale by the time of Xia. So modern China's lineage started and continued unbroken with predominantly Xia heritage, with other region's cultures being snowballed in. Xia's funding role is that although it is one of many flourished cultures, it is the first and only one among everyone else whose political ideology and institutional practices to be copied/inherited by successive dynasties.