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I believe this has the potential to be something completely new to warfare. Swarms of autonomous flying drones that can fly in coordination and identify targets.

I'm not sure if you can put a machine gun on a quadcopter, I imagine the recoil would probably be too strong for it to handle, but what if each drone had a rocket-propelled grenade?

The low cost of these things would allow them to be mass produced. A swarm of a few hundred of these could easily take out an entire armor battalion.

Then there's the recon possibilities. Deploy thousands of these over a battlefield, and the generals would have real-time update on the progress of the battle. Scale this up to a million drones over an entire theatre, coupled with a supercomputer for filtering out noise and reporting relevant data, fog of war would be a thing of the past.

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This is not an official PLA Program.

This question/idea is better suited for the Ask Anything Thread. It is an idea, and a question regarding such an idea.

If the PLA ever announces such a program...we will start up a separate thread on it.

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