Does China use this?


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No we used to use the 75 round drum.



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Even more of a banana than before!

Although I must admit it looks cool.

See the way the end of the mag is attached to the end of the barrel? It seems to me you have to take an extra step of detaching it when you reload.


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Well, it might be used like the PPsH's 71 round drum by most Soviet soldiers back in the days. You'd put a 71 round drum on prior to going to battle, and once it's used up you'd reload a 30 round mag instead of the drum, because the drum is too hard to reload.


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that design looks so impractical, im starting to doubt if it;s actually real. i mean, how is the mechanism supposed to work? how do you hold it?


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Well do you know how the normal AK magazine works?
And anyway, if they would have issued us whit those kind of monsters, they would have flown pretty quick in to some deep swamp... :D


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.........That's an RPK magazine. The Russians only made them for a short time as they hung too far down..........