CV-18 Fujian/003 CATOBAR carrier thread


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For the shipyard business, it’s not just 9 days. Because lots of workers come from different provinces, they will go back hometown and stay till the Lantern Festival, 15 days after CNY. Normally, the shipyard will be suspended for nearly 3 weeks.
No, They are mostly back from 18th Feb. Of course there will be some guys coming back a lil later but they stagger the leave by a few days so some leave earlier.
There are also skeleton crew throughout the duration of the break but they can't do jack if weather don't suit painting conditions. They'll take however long it takes to get the coatings right.


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This image is surely not representative of the current status of the preparations on the PLANS-18‘s deck, but at leat it is the most recent one via an overflight image.

(Image via Rick Un on Facebook)



A higher resolution version.



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I just flew into Pudong with a window seat and got a good look of her in drydock, unfortunately it's already dark so no photos. The dock is also not illuminated tonight, so they might have already finished coating the deck (looks this way to my naked eyes), or there's no urgency to work on her over CNY, or both.

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so commercial aircraft are flying right over the carrier ?

interesting, I had such a pleasure when I landed at Edinburgh airport in Scotland the HMS QE was in Rosyth getting put together