CV-18 Fujian/003 CATOBAR carrier thread


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Maybe it's a stage with billboard background.

Like this?
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I think maybe some big shots will be there during launch? Or is it only when entering service?

President Xi will only be present during the commissioning ceremony, so it is unlikely that he will be present for the commencement of Fujian's sea trial.

It is not implausible that the thing on satellite could be some sort of ceremonial stage, and it is possible people in relative seniority may be present for it if there is a milestone like having finished fitting out or being ready for sea trials.

Obviously such a ceremonial stage doesn't mean that it requires the head of state to be there, it could be anything from some military brass or even just some senior shipyard people.
The specific individuals present is not important, it's more about whether it could physically be a ceremonial stage.

As for whether it is a stand or whether it represents anything, we'll just have to wait.