CV-18 Fujian/003 CATOBAR carrier thread


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Even the cargo ship looks larger, and it doesn’t say that size is everything...

But the question is simply weird?! It would be as if you have an image of an elephant standing next to a mouse and you would ask "How do you feel that the elephant next to it (the mouse) is bigger..."

What's the point? An elephant is always bigger than a mouse and similar such a cargo vessel is always bigger than an aircraft carrier. There is nothing to wonder about or even more to have whatever feelings ... I don't get your question since it assumes you would want a mouse to be bigger than an elephant, which however makes no sense. ;)


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Maybe there is a context in the question. First aircraft carriers were(presumably) converted cargo ships, so at some point they were with equal dimensions. Now that the cargo ships are bigger it is ot of question to compere them. And not to be completely out of topic. What is the expected number of deck crew and officers on board fo 003? Similar to Kuznetsov class, or more like the Nimitz?


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Naval fans have been raised in slight awe of the sheer size of aircraft carriers. But most naval watchers don't follow civilian shipping to the same degree. So it comes as a shock that freighters are way larger than carriers. I know I was taken a little aback when I first learned this many years ago. No need to be @$$holes toward an innocent question.