Corvette/Light frigate thread (056A, sub-4000t FFLs)


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even standard things like navigational radars are not obviously on the ship. It seems that if this becomes a serial production class, there would be a slight stretch of the hull for some additional sensors and communications equipment.

There is definitely enough room below the landing pad to house full TAS and VDS suites, although haven't seen any evidence that any is actually installed. We will need to see where the exhausts are before determining that.

If exhaust is in the superstructure, then the amount of space dedicated to hostly a helicopter, and potentially sonars on this design is quite large, so ASW must be one of the roles, if not the dedicated role of this class, if it is a prototype.


Recent pics do show exhause on top.

On the stern, there are a couple of round openings for possible towed arrarys.

Also on the stern, looking at the original scanned pic and not the reduced GIFs, and if I squint really really hard, and use some imagination, I can then almost mayby possibly just make out two faint lines for stern panels for VDS :)

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