Coronavirus 2019-2020 thread (no unsubstantiated rumours!)


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You mean thanks to China's quarantine efforts. Many nations have stopped direct flights from China. That's not quarantine. Only Vietnam and Japan have conducted what can be described as quarantine on a small scale due to high numbers of infections. Stopping flights does not equal quarantine. China itself requested citizens to stop going overseas and refunded many tickets. My personal family included - refunded holiday tickets. This isn't even including cities quarantined by government. Lol other countries prevented the spread. What about locking down cities and the draconian quarantine efforts taken by CCP.
Just ignore the jav troll. I stopped reading his posts a long long time a go.


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Just ignore the jav troll. I stopped reading his posts a long long time a go.
He shifts between normal and quality posts with strange stuff like; It's thanks to the amazing efforts and sacrifices of western nations that COVID has been relatively contained to only within China... of course I'm paraphrasing but that is 100% what he was saying. I.e. boo hoo many countries have missed out on plane tickets and selling things to Chinese but STILL vigilantly sacrificed that income to contain the virus.

That is an example of a strange post from him but yes I do need to mute this guy now.


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China fires senior officials over coronavirus outbreak
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"Chen Yixin, who was recently appointed deputy head of a central government group to guide the epidemic control work in Hubei Province, said on Tuesday that the total number of infections in Wuhan has not been fully identified and the number of people being newly infected may still be relatively large."
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according to the Politburo "... the departure channels of the city and the province need further control ..." (referring to Wuhan and Hubei inside
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I guess
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Once again, your post reads as someone looking to confirm their conclusions.

First of all, no, not even medical specialists can know about a new virus without actual data telling them so. Specialists are not fortune tellers. An "unknown virus" does NOT automatically mean a new virus! It just means a virus that has not been identified. Each type of virus needs a specific test to be identified, and each test requires time to complete, often days. When faced with an unidentified virus, doctors need to narrow down the list of possible candidates based on their diagnosis and order the tests for the shortlisted candidates. In order to confirm that the virus is completely new, they would have needed to eliminate all other possibilities. This takes time!

Second of all, limiting access to private, personal, health information, and only informing the person involved, is the normal and expected practice of most developed nations, and one of the primary reason for upholding this right to privacy is precisely because people can be discriminated against based on their medical conditions. When faced with rumors of a new SARS outbreak, it is perfectly reasonable to step up the handling of private information in order to prevent any panic and discrimination among the healthcare staff. Think about it for a minute: if you were infected with COVID-19 right now, would you want your boss and your colleagues to find out before you did?

Third, the presence of lung infection among healthcare workers is still not a smoking gun for a novel virus. CT scans do not reveal the genetic sequence of the pathogen. Those healthcare workers could have been infected by any number of infectious diseases that normally circulates during flu season. Healthcare authorities need to make decisions based on data, and there simply wasn't enough data at the time to determine the presence of a completely new and highly infectious virus.

Finally, I am no health expert, and perhaps @manqiangrexue, @vesicles, or @Bltizo can provide more info, but it seems to me that location is necessary to establish the presence of an actual outbreak. You could have a group of people showing similar symptoms and testing positive for the same virus, but if they caught it because they were eating, just as an example, the same brand of contaminated food, then that would have very different implications than if they were all visiting the same market! Remember that at the time, they had no idea how the virus was transmitted. In any case, the doctor quoted in the article stated that it wasn't the location that was difficult to obtain, it was the genetic sequencing. I think it's pretty obvious that genetic sequencing is necessary to establish the presence of a new virus.
Well said. It's all too easy to talk cock with almighty advantage of hindsight and on the couch but when it's all new and happening before you on another average day, it's another matter.


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can someone ban this viktor guy, he intentionally rambles just to derail the thread.

i mean srsly how can everything he says make me go "wtf u even talking about"
I BLOCKED him off months ago when he was talking rubbish to me.

I saw he contributed nothing at all so he went into my ignore bin.


Where is the champion of human right? nowhere to be seen
Judging by donation you know who is friend in need I hope china will remember long after the epidemic. Like they say blood is thicker than water Malaysia is the best "Bolehlah Malaysia" then come the neighbors Korea and Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, EU Iran too help a lot
Malaysia is the largest producer of rubber and from farm all the way to factory and marketing are largely owned by the Chinese . The tradition of helping China when she struck by disaster has a long history in SEA specially in Malaysia

1. United States: 0 supplies
2. Russia: 500,000 medical masks
3. United Kingdom: 50,000 pairs of medical gloves, 35,000 sets of medical protective clothing and goggles
4. Malaysia: 10 million pairs of rubber gloves
5. South Korea: 2 million masks, 1 million medical masks, 100,000 pieces of protective clothing and 100,000 pairs of goggles
6. Japan: 9 tons of medical supplies, Japanese folk: 1 million masks

7. Pakistan: 300,000 masks, 800 sets of protective clothing, 6,800 pairs of gloves
8. Belarus: medicines, disinfectants, medical gloves, etc., a total of 20 tons
9. Turkey: 1000 sets of chemical protection suits, 93,500 masks, 1000 sets of disposable protective clothing
10. EU: 12 tons of protective materials
11. Israel: 100,000 masks
12. Iran: 1 million masks
13. Kazakhstan: 13.6 tons of medical supplies
14. Hungary: 20,000 medical masks and 500 medical gloves
Look at the human rights U.S. government?

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