Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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can't remember which photo I saw yesterday, but it showed GJ-2 model with PLAGF. Looks like PLAGF may be considering GJ-2 purchase also. I mean, it's the most capable non-VLO MALE at this point. So if PLA had a choice with funding/production, it'd go with GJ-2.


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China Post is not PLA, PLA can only be regarded as a logistics customer of China Post

But that's exactly my point ... in the first post I noted "it finally entered PLA service" ... in your reply you disagreed and posted "Finally started serving in the PLA? In 2020, China Post once used the AR-500 to deliver milk to border stations in Tibet." ... and now after I asked for confirmation that "China Post is not PLA?" you agreed ...

So in summary my original post was correct: it finally entered PLA service!


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Sorry, but could you please speak/write a bit more without mysteries? What do you mean with "in Schrödinger's service for many years" and "EOC of J-8 was in 2005(?)"???
In my memory, J-8 improvement program starts in 1970s and the main goal is BWR ability but it never happened until 2000s. For a long time it’s nothing but a larger J-7, isn’t it “in Schrödinger's service”?

At the same time it faced insurmountable problems of flying quality and maintainability, which constrained its readiness rate in a low level and caused many crashes. I don’t know if they finally fixed the problem but the purchasing amount and retirement schedule tell us everything: PLAAF hates it. If any airplane (GJ-11?) performs like J-8 today I’m fully sure they’ll refuse it.
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