Chinese UAV & UCAV development


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Drone-man cooperation.



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EW variant?

The shape of the pod reminds me more of some SAR pods actually. But the nature of podded systems means that it could be anything.

For PLA army aviation though, I think a podded SAR system for a MALE UAV would of greater interest than a podded EW system.


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Spec sheet for CH-6. It can be configured for reconnaissance or strike.

Max takeoff weight: 7800kg
Max payload: 300kg (recon), 2000kg (strike)
Fuel capacity: 3420kg (recon), 1720 (strike)
Length, height, wingspan: 15m, 5m, 20.5m
Max speed (level flight): 800km/hr
Cruise speed: 500-700km/hr
Ceiling: 12km
Loiter time: 20hr (recon), 8hr (strike)
Max range: 12000km (recon), 4500km (strike)
Max climb rate: 20m/s
Remote control radius (line-of-sight): 300km